Teen refuses to clean her messy room. Mom bags her belongings and throws them away as punishment


Teenagers are a scary breed. Mood swings between overdramatic anger and infuriating apathy can really wear a parent down. Punishments are met with “Yeah, whatever” and leaves you feeling a little more than deflated. Where’s the rationality? Where’s the apology? Did they even learn their lesson?? Dealing with teenagers can become a battle of will to see who will cave first. One mother, Alice Velasquez, found a creative and strategic way to teach her teen daughters a lesson.

Alice was tired of nagging at them to pick up their rooms and giving in and tidying up herself instead. It was an endless cycle. If mom can do it, why should I? Alice came up with a plan and put it into action. She made a post about her unconventional methods on Facebook which drew backlash from several users. Some deemed it abusive, some deemed it too harsh. Personally, I think it’s straight gold, and it seems the audience of “The Drs.” does, too. What do you think?

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