A newborn died on his fifth night, in his parents’ arms. But what he’d already experienced was horrifying!

T.K. and Deidrea Lauxs were happily married and looking forward to having children. But when Deidrea became pregnant, they would face the challenge of their lives.


In the early ultrasounds the baby looked fine, but on closer diagnosis their doctors discovered something that nearly broke their hearts: their baby wouldn’t survive more than a few days after birth. He appeared to have a chromosomal abnormality resulting in a fatal condition called Patau syndrome. In similar cases to this, some parents choose to have an abortion for humane reasons, to spare the baby the suffering it will endure.

Deidrea and T.K. didn’t know what to think at first. They were simply shocked, devastated. They wanted so badly to meet their baby, to be able to hold and hug him. The dilemma was like torture, as it must always be.

After a long struggle, they made the decision to continue the pregnancy even though they would be waiting for their baby’s death along with his birth.

As time went by, they learned more about the fetus. It was a boy, first of all. Then they could see that his face wasn’t developing “normally.” He didn’t have a mouth, only a hole, which would make it very difficult to breathe.

There was incredible pressure on Deidrea: people would congratulate her when they saw her growing belly, from friends to strangers. She was full of love but at the same time profoundly sad.

The parents knew perfectly well that nearly as soon as their baby was born, his life would come to a close. Instead of making preparations like painting a baby’s room or buying diapers, they found themselves choosing from tiny caskets.

The day of the so-anticipated birth finally arrived. T.K. and Deidrea were excited. They had waited all this time to meet their little boy and he was finally on his way. And then he was there and they could hold him in their arms at last.

His little face was distorted, his kidneys weren’t functioning well, his brain hadn’t finished developing, his lungs were weak, and on and on. But they named him Thomas and they loved him deeply.

On the second day, they were told they could bring him home. This was an unexpected gift! How much better to spend the little time they had with their baby in their own home. To get to see him there, and make it his home as well, if only briefly. He was on heavy medication and it was risky, but they left the hospital.

Given the circumstances, they spent all their time with him, never leaving his side for a moment. Literally each minute was precious.

Hour by hour, things changed: Thomas would get weaker, then recuperate. They couldn’t help hoping for a miracle but it wasn’t to be. Just five days old, Thomas passed away while lying between them.

They dressed him carefully one last time, held him, kissed him, and found their great love transforming into a feeling of peace.

At the cemetery, with one last farewell, they buried their infant. But despite having to say goodbye so soon, they had gotten the chance to say hello. That was worth it to them.

This beautiful video tells the whole tragic and yet heartwarming story:

Everyone writes their own story, and T.K. and Deidrea certainly wrote theirs with inspiring courage and dignity. It will surely help others in similar situations that they shared it with the world. 

And some time later they were joyfully able to welcome another baby to the world, this time a healthy little girl!